Frequently asked questions

Do you teach adults?

Of course! We know that many adults don't swim due to bad experiences in their past. We can help you get past that and enjoy the water. Learn to float, swim and tread water like a pro!

What is aquatic pole dancing?

Glad you asked. We have special aquatic poles that you will use in class. It's a new, fun way to work off that COVID weight and stay trim. It's easy and a great workout.

What are "Sessions"?

Our swim classes are weekly classes that run for 6 weeks each. Each 6 week block of weekly classes makes up a session.

How big is the pool?

The pool is 16 feet wide and 60 feet long. It starts at 3 feet deep and gradually increases to 5 feet deep over 2/3 of the pool length. It goes from 5 feet deep to 9 feet deep for 1/3 of the pool length.

Do you have locker rooms?

Yes. We have a women's locker room with 2 showers, toilets. sink, mirror, bench and lockers. Same setup for the men's locker room. We also have a family locker room as well. Note that locks are not provided. Any locks left on the lockers at the end of the business day will be cut and removed. Any gear/clothing left will be placed in the lost and found. Please bring your own soap, hair wash and personal products. For those that are shy, we also have a private bathroom in the front of the shop that you can use to change in/out of a swimsuit. But there are no lockers or showers in it. DURING COVID WE ASK THAT YOU USE THE PLASTIC BINS INSTEAD OF LOCKERS TO STORE YOUR GEAR. WE APOLOGIZE FOR THIS INCONVIENIENCE, BUT IT IS NECESSARY DURING THESE TRYING TIMES. THIS ALLOWS US TO EASILY CLEAN AND DISINFECT AFTER USE.