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Dedicated to Teaching Individuals to Swim Confidently

About us

Our primary focus is on swimming lessons. But that is not the limit of our capabilities. We run IPAP classes (Mommy and Me), water aerobics, aquatic pole exercise classes (Yes, that’s a thing!) and children’s swim parties. In addition, the pool can be rented for SCUBA trainings, Red Cross training, personal use, provide required gym classes for learn-at-home students and more.

As owners of a private pool at home, we are also concerned with accidental drownings. By learning to swim we can help eliminate that concern for parents. The number of new pools being installed has far exceeded the capabilities of the industry as people stay home due to the Corona virus. They are funneling funds that would normally          be used for family vacations into at home pools. This increases the risk of drownings. Despite the regulations around owning a pool, accidental drownings still occur. Drowning is the #1 cause of death for children under 4 years old. And the number of non-compliant pools exacerbates that factor.  Please don't let yourself or your child become a statistic!

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